December 3, 4 p.m.  |  Mercedes-Benz Stadium  |  Atlanta GA   updated 1/1/22
  • All tickets will be mobile.
    • Your phone is your ticket. Printed tickets, screenshots or recordings are not valid for admission.
    • Why Mobile?
      Going mobile is the safest, most convenient and flexible way to receive and manage tickets while increasing protection against fraud. Mobile tickets provide:
      • reduced risk of lost, stolen or forgotten tickets
      • the ability to manage, send or sell your tickets at any time from your mobile device or desktop computer
      • virtually eliminates the counterfeit ticket business that is attracted to high demand events like the SEC Championship
    • In the event that noone in your party has a smart phone, please contact the SEC Ticket Office in advance of gameday to make alternate arrangements or visit a Ticket Attendant (with iPad) at any entrance
  • The only way to request additional tickets or to become a new renewal ticketholder is to join the waiting list - August 1 - October 31,2022 at SECticketoffice.com
  • All seats can be accessed from any entrance
  • All ages need a ticket for admission. A babe-in-arms ticket (infants 12 months and under) can be purchased for $20 at Gate 1 ticket windows on the way into the stadium
  • Championship Game Ticket Policies
updated 4/15/22
  • The SEC reserves the right to limit the number of tickets purchased each year - renewal ticket policy since 1994

  • June 15: Renewals begin
  • July 15: Renewal deadline - last day to secure seats for the 2022 game
  • August 8: email with upgrade start date, if you selected upgrade option on renewal form
  • August 15 - September 30: Upgrade period. Upgrade start date and time determined by your priority
Renewal options available June 15 - July 15:
  1. RENEW same seats
  2. UPGRADE: renew same seats and add name to upgrade list to view available seats during the upgrade period (Aug. 8 - Sep. 30). Additional upgrade info below
  3. Pay renewal invoice online, by phone or by mail
  4. Pay by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, E-Check or mail a check
  5. New option to split payment using multiple credit cards/checking accounts
Renewal tips:
  • Sign In with the email address in your SEC renewal account, the same email address that has been receiving the renewal emails. If you see 'no invoice to pay' when you Sign In, you used the wrong email address - Sign Out and try again.
  • If you have issues saving your credit card on the renewal invoice, uncheck the 'Save this card' box.
    If you have not been opening or clicking on our emails, we will call you, or mail a renewal form.

updated 4/15/22

2022 Upgrade Period: August 15 - September 30. Your upgrade start date and time determined by your priority.

All who pay their renewal invoice by July 15 and select UPGRADE on their renewal form will be assigned an upgrade start date and time.  If you choose not to select new seats during the upgrade period, you automatically keep the same seats as last year (no need to contact us)

Upgrade Priority:

  1. number of years Championship Game tickets have been purchased through the SEC Ticket Office
  2. seat location history and history of submitting renewal form by the priority deadline
  3. computer generated random number is assigned to all those with the same priority

This Priority system was implemented in 1998.  1998 to 2017 priority was used to assign seats.  Starting in 2018, we added a renew same seats option and an upgrade option.  Priority is used to determine your place on the upgrade list, if you select UPGRADE on your renewal invoice form.

2018 & 2019 renewal rates were over 99%.
Number of accounts that did NOT renew:  20192018
Prime Mezzanine33
Sideline Lower & Mezz.133
Corner/Endzone Lower & Mezz.812
Upper Level1010
Total Accounts:  34   30
Total Seats:  122 seats    96 seats
  • 2019: 229 accounts selected new seats out of 1,017 accounts who were on the upgrade list
  • 2018: 123 accounts selected new seats out of 1,183 accounts who were on the upgrade list
  • There are 3,700 renewal accounts
  • There are very few upgrades (if any) into club seats each year.  The same is usually true for lower level and upper level sideline seats.  Seat upgrades will work the same as in past years.  You can have the best seats available when it is your turn.
  • 'Upgrade' refers to any seat change: move to higher price seats, move to same price seats (different section, or row or seats), or move to lower price seats.  Your card will be charged or credited the price difference, if any, during the seat selection process.
  • Keep in mind that you are under no obligation to choose new seats.  If you do not find seats that you wish to move to during the upgrade period, you will retain the same seat locations as last year (not necessary to contact us).
  • Seat upgrades are scheduled in same priority order as past years
  • Upgrade seat selection start times will be emailed by end of day on August 8 to all who selected UPGRADE on their renewal form.
  • Your assigned start time is the earliest you can view or select available seats.  You are the only account with your start time - next scheduled start time is 15 later. You have one week to view or select new seats, but it is recommended to select as close to your start time as possible.
  • The average time in 2019 to select new seats, once signed in, was 6 minutes. Please Sign In prior to your assigned start date to expedite the process.
  • If you have seats in more than one section, only the seats in one section can be upgraded each year. If you own more than 6 seats, maximum of 4 seats can be upgraded each year.
  • You can do a partial upgrade: keep some of your same seats and move some (please contact us so we can update your account).
  • The seat selection process is the same as previous years.  Instructions will be emailed to you on the Thursday the week before your selection start time.
  • Seat selection start times are scheduled between 9am - 5pm Monday-Friday.
SEATS AVAILABLE during the upgrade process:
  • Seats available for upgrade will be the seats not renewed each year
  • Available seat locations will change every time a ticketholder gives up their current seats to move to new seats - please Sign In the morning of your seat selection date for updated availability
  • If you are on the upgrade list, SIGN IN now to see a list of currently available sections
    • The list of available sections is updated every morning
    • You can view available rows and seats at your scheduled upgrade time
  • There are 2,000 less Mezzanine Level seats in the new stadium than in the Georgia Dome; 100 less first row Mezzanine seats
  • There are half as many first, second and third row seats in the 300 level sections, as 8 of the 16 public renewal sections have Wheelchair accessible platforms in place of rows 1, 2 & 3.
  • Wider seats for fan comfort; as a consequence there are less sideline seats than in the Georgia Dome.
  • Stadium roof will be closed for the SEC Championship Game
  • 2018: improved sound system, improved stadium exit time (wider concourses near exits and 4 new exit doors
  • 2019: concession prices lowered by $0.50 on 5 of the 10 most popular items
    Stadium no longer accepts cash.  There are ATM machines in the stadium that accept cash and dispense debit cards that can be used anywhere.
  • 2021: entry to stadium is contactless and faster via new innovative entry technology that permits you to walk through security without removing items from your pockets

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